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Artist Tash Frootko, renowned for her remarkable house painting projects, has once again captivated the city of Gloucester with her latest endeavor. Since 2018, Frootko has been using her

artistic skills to breathe new life into entire streets and squares by painting houses in vivid colors. The positive impact of her work is evident, with local residents reporting a better atmosphere and an impressive surge in house prices, reaching up to 30 percent.

Frootko's most ambitious project to date is the transformation of Hopewell Street, where she has painted an impressive row of 63 houses in bold and vibrant hues. This marks her fifth transformation in the city and represents a significant milestone in her artistic journey.

Having lived in Gloucester for two decades, Frootko, a property developer, recognized the need to revitalize the city's appearance and boost morale. She firmly believes in the power of individual vision and creativity, stating that the city's backdrop merely required an infusion of color to truly shine. With each project, Frootko's excitement and expertise grow, as she follows a template and formula that consistently deliver astonishing results.

The community's response to Frootko's work has been overwhelmingly positive, with schools, residents, and visitors all embracing the vibrant transformations. In a remarkable development, Frootko's projects for 2023 and 2024 have received partial funding from Gloucestershire County Council's Levelling Up Together scheme, ensuring that every penny goes toward making the area shine. She remains committed to voluntary work, emphasizing her dedication to enhancing the community's surroundings.

Accompanying Frootko's house makeovers, the street now boasts a stunning floral mural by street artist Sophie Mess, murals by Frootko's partner Stuart Doust, and a captivating door installation and rainbow staircase.

Residents of the newly transformed street express their awe at the remarkable regeneration that Frootko has achieved. One long-time resident, Rob Wilks, describes how she turned their street into a work of art, appreciating her diligent efforts to address existing issues before applying her signature colors. The love, fun, and sense of pride that Frootko has brought to the community are immeasurable.

Another resident, Brigitte Wurfel-Mathurin, acknowledges Frootko's exceptional vision and unwavering drive. She expresses gratitude for the life-changing transformation that has made her proud to call Barton and Tredworth home. Frootko has succeeded in creating a kaleidoscopic masterpiece, adding another landmark to the city of Gloucester.

Frootko's journey began in 2018 with the revitalization of a small street, aiming to infuse local areas with creativity. Her ambitious goal now extends to transforming entire sections of the city into vast outdoor art galleries. Over the past five years, Frootko has painted 134 houses in her trademark vivid colors, utilizing over 1,300 liters of paint. The Rainbow City, Gloucester, continues to flourish under Frootko's colorful brushstrokes, leaving a lasting impact on both the community and the cityscape. Photo by