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British Queen celebrates


On Wednesday, the major UK tabloid The Sun announced its support for the Labour Party in the upcoming election, declaring it "time for Labour" and describing the


A recent survey by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) reveals that more British Jews are planning to vote Labour than Conservative in the upcoming general

Nigel Farage has launched a sharp criticism against the Daily Mail group, accusing the newspapers of attempting to hinder Reform UK's electoral breakthrough by publishing reports suggesting

British journalist Robert Winnett will not be joining the Washington Post as editor and will continue his role as deputy editor at the Daily Telegraph, according to a staff


RedBird IMI, backed by Abu Dhabi, announced on Friday the opening of bids for the sale of the Telegraph and Spectator, following a government intervention that


The Evening Standard is set to transition from a daily print edition to a weekly format, marking a significant shift for the London-based newspaper. Established in 1827,


Labour leader Keir Starmer received a significant pre-election boost from Jewish voters during a meeting at a Barnet cafe, where Board of Deputies vice president Edwin Shuker and others


Julius Dein, the world-renowned magician and social media personality, has seen a significant drop in his follower count since the onset of the Israel-Hamas conflict.


London's historically men-only Garrick Club has voted to admit women for the first time, according to reports from UK media outlets.


Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer's speech to the Society of Editors 25th Anniversary Conference