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In a historic online auction on Wednesday evening, the coveted "ZH 24" license plate was sold for an astonishing CHF 299,000 ($331,629), making it the most

expensive license plate ever auctioned in Switzerland. The Zurich Road Traffic Office facilitated the auction of this lowest-numbered plate they have ever offered.

Previously, the highest price fetched for a Swiss license plate was CHF 233,000 for "ZG 10" in Zug, 2018. In Zurich, the record was held by "ZH 100," which sold for CHF 226,000 in 2022.

The bidding for "ZH 24" started modestly but quickly escalated, beginning at CHF 151,000 on Monday. A total of 99 bids were placed before the final hour on Wednesday, when the competition intensified. Ultimately, it was bidder "Andy2" who secured the plate with the 125th bid at the record-breaking amount.

This sale underscores the high value placed on unique and rare license plates in Switzerland, reflecting both status and exclusivity. Photo by Roland zh, Wikimedia commons.