British Queen celebrates


Taylor Swift fans in Edinburgh triggered earthquake monitors with their enthusiastic dancing during her record-breaking Eras tour concerts.

Over the course of three nights at Murrayfield Stadium, nearly 73,000 fans attended each concert, creating seismic readings detectable up to 3.7 miles away. The British Geological Survey (BGS) reported that the most significant seismic activity occurred on the first night of the UK leg of Swift's tour. The energy spikes were particularly notable during her performances of songs like "Cruel Summer," "Ready For It?," and "Shake It Off."

During "Ready For It?," the monitors recorded fans dancing in sync with the music, reaching a peak of 160 beats per minute and transmitting approximately 80kW of energy, equivalent to the power of around 6,000 car batteries. The applause lasting four minutes during "Champagne Problems" also caused a noticeable spike in seismic activity.

This pattern of seismic activity repeated over all three nights, with slight variations in movement measurements recorded each evening. The monitors responsible for detecting this activity were located at two stations, including one at the BGS office in the Lyell Centre, 3.7 miles from Murrayfield Stadium.

Callum Harrison, a seismologist at the British Geological Survey, commented on the phenomenon, stating, "BGS is responsible for recording earthquakes to inform various sectors. It's remarkable that we've captured the reactions of thousands of concert-goers through our seismic data. Exploring seismic activity generated by such a unique event has been an exciting opportunity."

The seismic activity during Taylor Swift's concerts has also been noted at other tour locations, including Los Angeles and Seattle in the United States. Photo by Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia commons.