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Chandler West, a vintage clothing seller from Charlotte, North Carolina, stumbled upon an unexpected treasure when she purchased an antique 1920s Cartier Art Deco evening bag for a mere

$1 at an online estate auction in November 2021. Little did she know that the elegant-looking purse was worth a small fortune, with 12 precious stones, including diamonds and lapis lazuli, set into its clasp, and the iconic Cartier name hidden beneath.

At first, West thought the bag looked old and interesting and decided to buy it, even though no one else had bid on it and the image quality wasn't the best. She then threw it into a pile of other vintage items, where it stayed for over a year before she had a chance to research it.

West was skeptical about the bag's worth since there were no visible labels, but after consulting a vintage clothing Facebook group, she learned that Cartier made similar bags in the 1920s and was advised to check the clasp. To her surprise, the brand's name was engraved underneath the blue stones.

Initially, West doubted the authenticity of her purchase, but with the help of a vintage collectors Facebook group, she discovered that the 'silk jacquard fabric of the bag is inspired by 17th-century Safavid textiles,' and the bag was 'very popular for evening bags in France in the 1920s.' She also learned that French luxury brand Cartier, whose products are now worn by celebrities like Timothée Chalamet and Lily Collins, made similar bags in the 1920s.

West's curiosity led her to check the clasp for the Cartier name, and to her amazement, it was there. She then had the bag appraised and sold it for an impressive $7,500.

The vintage clothing seller's story serves as a reminder that hidden treasures can often be found in the unlikeliest of places. While others may have passed over the bag due to its poor image quality and lack of labels, West recognized its unique charm and potential value. Her experience shows the importance of conducting thorough research before dismissing a vintage item, as it may hold a priceless piece of history or art.

In conclusion, Chandler West's discovery of the antique Cartier Art Deco evening bag is a reminder that treasures can be found in unexpected places. With an eye for detail and some help from vintage collectors, West was able to uncover the true value of her purchase and sell it for a significant profit. Her story underscores the importance of conducting thorough research before dismissing an item's potential value, as it may hold a priceless piece of history or art. Photo by WiNG, Wikimedia commons.