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Prime Minister Theresa May will on Monday (Dec 17) warn MPs against supporting a second referendum, saying it would do "irreparable damage" to British politics.

British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a fight for her political life this week in a parliamentary vote that will decide the fate of her Brexit divorce deal.


Ecuador's president said Thursday that conditions have been met for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to leave the country's embassy in London, which would end a six-year standoff with

A Japan Airlines pilot was jailed for 10 months on Thursday (Nov 29) after he was caught for being 10 times over the alcohol limit shortly before take-off from London Heathrow Airport.


European leaders resolved a last-minute dispute over the rock Gibraltar on Saturday, clearing the way for a summit to approve a deal on Britain's withdrawal from the bloc.


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The latest market gyrations came as the nation’s business sector gave a lukewarm verdict to the proposed agreement, and amid worries that British Prime Minister Theresa May could soon


The woman targeted by Britain's first Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO), who spent £16 million (S$28 million) in department store Harrods, will appear in court on

"Single-use" was named the Collins Dictionary word of the year on Wednesday, following a four-fold increase in usage since 2013 in a reflection of increased concerns about sustainability.


EU flag waving Britons rejecting a future outside Europe packed the heart of London on Saturday for an anti-Brexit protest organisers said drew more than half a million