British Queen celebrates



In a bid to curb disruptions and enhance safeguarding, The John Wallis Academy in Kent is set to implement a stringent policy requiring students to store their mobile phones in locked pouches


Devon County Council noted that home education used to be primarily a lifestyle choice, but lately, mental health concerns have been a significant factor in this growing trend.


New College Durham (NCD) has reported the dire situation of nearly 1,000 students unable to attend classes due to the ongoing Go North East bus strike, compelling the college to seek


Northern Ireland is set to witness school closures as teachers from five unions prepare for a half-day walkout, followed by four additional days of strikes due to a prolonged dispute over pay.

An inquiry led by former schools minister Lord Jim Knight, funded by the National Education Union, has proposed a significant overhaul in school inspections, urging a departure from Ofsted


Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, accompanied by her husband, Bill Clinton, is scheduled to speak at Swansea University, addressing the topic of leadership. The event aims to delve

Oscar-winning actress and producer Rachel Shenton was bestowed with an honorary doctorate from Staffordshire University in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the film industry


Ofcom, the communications watchdog, has released its first guidance for tech platforms under the Online Safety Act, focusing on addressing illegal content, including online child abuse.


In celebration of the 300th anniversary of Scottish writer and philosopher Adam Smith's birth, Dr. Joseph Henrich, a distinguished American academic from Harvard University, has been


The Deanery CE Academy in Wichelstowe, near Swindon, which opened in 2019, has received the lowest possible rating from Ofsted. Inspectors found numerous areas of concern, including