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As the Brexit saga reaches a crescendo, classical musicians based in Britain fear that a disorderly divorce could threaten their European livelihood and stunt the

Britain will write to the EU on Wednesday to seek a short delay to Brexit, but Brussels has warned any decision may only come next week -- just before the scheduled

The Democratic Unionist Party, whose votes Prime Minister Theresa May is courting to save her Brexit deal, is a hardline Northern Irish group whose tough negotiating

British police said on Sunday they had launched a terror investigation into a non-fatal stabbing attack "inspired by the far right" in suburban London.

In opposing Prime Minister Theresa May's EU divorce deal even after MPs voted to delay Britain's departure, hardline Brexiteers are now locked in a high-stakes alliance

MPs will vote Wednesday on whether Britain should make a potentially chaotic "no-deal" exit from the EU in 16 days' time, after lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected a

British finance minister Philip Hammond on Wednesday updates the government's spending and tax plans that depend heavily on the nature of Brexit.

Britain said on Friday it was sending Iran a "very strong message" by extending diplomatic protection to a British-Iranian mother jailed in Tehran in a move that was

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster in which 71 people and an unborn child lost their lives voiced outrage on Thursday after police said the criminal

Eight people suffered minor injuries during an aborted take-off at London Stansted Airport, causing flights to be suspended for around three hours.