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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has today announced a new initiative to help local authority housing enforcement officers acquire new skills to help them identify and deal with damp and


Chris Dawson, the billionaire behind The Range, is set to revive the Wilko brand by reopening almost 300 high street chain stores across the UK. The visionary aims to restore the retail giant,


The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has congratulated participants in his Business Climate Challenge (BCC) on significant progress towards their energy reduction targets, based on data through

Parts of the UK faced their chilliest November night since 2010, and the forecast predicts three more days of snow and ice challenges ahead.


Uber has announced plans to integrate London's black cabs into its platform next year, a move aimed at easing a decade-long rift with the city's iconic taxis.


The English countryside is gearing up for the creation of a new national park, a significant step within the government's broader initiative aiming to enhance accessibility to and preservation of


Human activity and environmental factors pose a significant risk to England's only resident bottlenose dolphin pod, according to findings from the University of Plymouth, Cornwall Wildlife Trust,

Michael Gove, a former Cabinet Office minister, has stepped forward to defend Boris Johnson's handling of lockdown decisions amid the Covid inquiry. Apologizing for the government's mistakes


Barclays is set to reduce its workforce by 900 jobs in the UK, according to the trade union Unite, as the bank aims to cut costs.


Rolls-Royce unveiled its medium-term growth objectives this morning in anticipation of its capital markets event later in the day. The company's shares soared by six percent, leading the FTSE