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Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday (May 8) compared Britain's battle with coronavirus to the country's fight against Nazism in World War II, in a letter to veterans to mark the

In the suburbs of south London, police are paying special visits to vulnerable elderly and isolated people in the community at risk from scams and loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic.

Britain begins post-Brexit trade talks with the United States on Tuesday, with 100 negotiators on each side joining via videoconference.


The British government on Sunday said the easing of coronavirus lockdown measures was likely to be gradual, as it announced a further rise in the overall death toll.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday became a father again when his partner Carrie Symonds gave birth to a healthy baby boy, just weeks after he himself


Britain's economy has been ravaged by the deadly novel coronavirus, which now threatens potentially the worst recession in several centuries, the Bank of England

The British parliament returns on Tuesday from an extended Easter break, with MPs encouraged to attend via videolink for the first time as a result of the coronavirus

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan blacklisted four major British tabloids on Sunday, accusing them of publishing stories that were "distorted, false and invasive beyond

Britain's Prince William on Friday revealed his concern for his father Prince Charles after he contracted coronavirus -- and his worries for his grandmother Queen

A priest in Britain has taken to London's streets to say prayers and hymns to soothe the souls of local Christians in lockdown over Easter due to the coronavirus