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British Airways announced a multi-billion dollar order for up to 42 Boeing 777 fuel-efficient passenger jets on Thursday, just two weeks after Airbus said it would no

Prime Minister Theresa May will on Wednesday face a vote by MPs over her newly revised Brexit strategy, which could allow them to approve an eventual delay to

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday called for still more time to renegotiate her Brexit deal, and drew outrage by suggesting parliament may not be able to

Britain and the United agreed Monday to maintain how multi-trillion dollar financial transactions are carried out between the two countries after Brexit, aiming to avoid

Japan wants Britain to have frictionless trade with the European Union after Brexit, its ambassador said on Thursday (Feb 21), insisting a damaging no-deal scenario

Seven MPs quit Britain's main opposition Labour Party on Monday, citing the leadership's support for Brexit and a growing culture of racism, intimidation and abuse.


British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday suffered another defeat in parliament over her Brexit strategy, just 43 days before Britain is due to leave the European

Vandals have smashed and defaced the London tomb of Karl Marx in what the cemetery said appeared to be a deliberate attack against the philosopher's ideology.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday she will be "armed with a fresh mandate and new ideas" when she meets European Union negotiators over her

With two months until Brexit takes effect, US banks have begun transferring some London staff to Continental Europe and drawing up contingency plans in case of a