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In a concerted effort to address illegal migration, the UK government has entered into a new agreement with Bangladesh aimed at expediting the removal of individuals lacking

legal status in the country.

The agreement, formalized during the inaugural Joint Working Group on Home Affairs held in London, underscores the commitment of both nations to enhance collaboration across various domains, including economic, cultural, and social spheres.

A key component of the agreement is the streamlining of the returns process, particularly by eliminating the mandatory interview requirement in cases where substantial supporting evidence for removal exists. This streamlined approach is expected to facilitate the prompt repatriation of failed asylum seekers, foreign national offenders, and visa overstayers.

Michael Tomlinson MP, Minister for Countering Illegal Migration, emphasized the significance of expediting removals as an integral part of the government's strategy to deter illegal immigration. He lauded Bangladesh as a valued partner and expressed optimism about strengthening bilateral ties to address a spectrum of issues effectively.

Furthermore, the Joint Working Group reaffirmed its commitment to facilitating legal migration through existing visa pathways while intensifying efforts to combat illegal migration through enhanced cooperation on visa abuse, robust data sharing mechanisms, and capacity-building initiatives.

The collaboration also extends to fostering mutual understanding of each country's approach to combating serious organized crime, underscoring the importance of collective action in addressing transnational challenges.

The recent engagement builds upon discussions between Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and UK Minister for the Indo-Pacific Anne-Marie Trevelyan in Dhaka, where Prime Minister Hasina reiterated Bangladesh's zero-tolerance stance on illegal migration. Minister Trevelyan expressed gratitude for Prime Minister Hasina's support in reaching the new returns agreement.

In the UK, efforts to address illegal migration have yielded notable results, with a substantial increase in the number of individuals returned to their home countries compared to previous years. Collaborative efforts with Albania, for instance, have significantly reduced small boat arrivals from the country. Additionally, intensified Home Office activities have led to a surge in enforcement visits and arrests, with preparations underway for the first flights to Rwanda in the coming weeks as part of the government's strategy to deter illegal migration via the Channel route and ensure stringent immigration control measures.