British Queen celebrates


In what is being touted as the largest security operation in British history, a record 11,500 police officers will be deployed to guard the Coronation of King Charles this weekend in London.

This figure surpasses the number of police officers present during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II last year. Scotland Yard bosses have warned that they will take swift action against any protesters who attempt to disrupt the event. However, they have also clarified that anti-monarchist activists will be allowed to protest peacefully as long as they abide by the law.

The security scare caused by a 'knifeman with a suspicious package' on Tuesday led to the deployment of security forces and a controlled explosion.

David Huber, a 60-year-old dog breeder from Cumbria, was arrested after throwing shotgun cartridges over the gates of Buckingham Palace. Despite the incident, King Charles met with New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins at Buckingham Palace earlier today. The two leaders were photographed shaking hands, despite Hipkins having expressed his support for his country to become a republic. It is expected that 500 additional officers will be deployed on the streets of London on Saturday for the Coronation. Photo by Petr Kratchovil, Wikimedia commons.