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Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson has initiated efforts to fulfill the government’s pledge to recruit 6,500 new teachers, taking significant steps to reset the relationship with the teaching

profession and improve the image of teaching.

Starting today (Monday, 8 July), Phillipson will focus on redefining the government's relationship with educators, which is seen as crucial for both attracting new teachers and retaining current ones.

One of her first actions is to write to all educational workforce members, emphasizing their valuable role in the government’s agenda for change. This week, she will host a reception with key education stakeholders and prioritize meetings with teaching unions in the coming days.

The Department for Education will also immediately resume and expand its flagship teacher recruitment campaign, "Every Lesson Shapes a Life," alongside restarting its further education recruitment campaign, "Share Your Skills."

These initiatives underscore the government’s commitment to re-establish teaching as an attractive and respected profession, recognizing the profound impact teachers have on children’s lives.

Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson stated:

"From day one, we are delivering the change this country demands and putting education back at the forefront of national life. We will work urgently to recruit thousands of brilliant new teachers and reset the relationship between government and the education workforce.

"For too long, the teaching profession has been talked down, sidelined, and denigrated. My first priority is to write today to the people at the center of making change happen: our workforces.

"I want all children to have the best life chances, which means recruiting and keeping great teachers in our classrooms – today is the first step in that mission."

The "Every Lesson Shapes a Life" campaign directs potential candidates to the Get into Teaching website, where they can access support and advice from Teacher Training Advisers, a dedicated contact center, and a national program of events. The campaign aims to show that teaching is a fulfilling, exciting career that can significantly impact children and young people's lives while offering professional growth opportunities.

The ultimate goal of recruiting and retaining more teachers is to enhance life chances for all children, providing them with a solid foundation in primary school and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to seize opportunities in life and work. Photo by Lauren Hurley / No 10 Downing Street, Wikimedia commons.