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In celebration of the 300th anniversary of Scottish writer and philosopher Adam Smith's birth, Dr. Joseph Henrich, a distinguished American academic from Harvard University, has been

honored with the 2023 Panmure House Prize. The prestigious award, named after Smith's final residence in Edinburgh, acknowledges Dr. Henrich's exceptional contributions, reflecting a "close intellectual relationship" with the iconic thinker.

The Panmure House Prize, established to mark the spirit and legacy of Adam Smith, focuses on recognizing significant research that explores the connections between long-term thinking and innovation. Dr. Henrich was chosen for his interdisciplinary approach to understanding the human condition, mirroring the methodology of Smith and his contemporaries from the Scottish Enlightenment.

James Anderson, Chair of the Panmure House Prize judging panel, praised Dr. Henrich's work for embodying the essence of Smith's empiricism, rigor, and the ability to transcend intellectual boundaries. Anderson stated, "In doing so, he challenges us to look at the evidence of our own human evolution and ancestry to understand how innovation is born and how culture evolves."

Dr. Henrich, the Ruth Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard, expressed his deep honor in receiving the Panmure House Prize, particularly in the context of the 300th anniversary of Adam Smith's birth. His innovative work deploys evolutionary theory to explore the intricate relationship between human psychology, cultural evolution, and genetic evolution. Through acclaimed books like "The Secret of Our Success" and "The WEIRDest People in the World," Dr. Henrich delves into topics ranging from economic decision-making to social norms, fairness, religion, and innovation.

The prize money will contribute to Dr. Henrich's forthcoming book, aligning with Adam Smith's original plans to release a third book following "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" and "The Wealth of Nations."

Panmure House, the intellectual hub dedicated to exploring Adam Smith's comprehensive work, aims to foster interdisciplinary research and debate. The Panmure House Prize was first awarded in 2021 and has since recognized outstanding researchers committed to advancing long-term thinking.

Christopher Stubbs, Dean of the Division of Science at Harvard University, expressed enthusiasm for supporting Dr. Henrich's innovative exploration of collective brains in the modern world. The Panmure House Prize, generously sponsored by Baillie Gifford, marks a significant contribution to honoring Adam Smith's legacy and promoting cutting-edge research that aligns with his intellectual spirit. Photo by Mercatus Center, Wikimedia commons.