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Several schools in Leeds and Bradford have chosen to keep their students indoors on Thursday due to a received email threat. West Yorkshire Police has initiated an

investigation into the matter and is actively offering safety guidance and reassurance to the affected schools.

Schools communicated to parents that authorities consider the threat credible. Leeds City Council acknowledged being aware of the ongoing situation and affirmed its collaboration with the police to support schools.

A general advisory has been issued to schools, urging them to heighten security measures on their premises and prioritize safeguarding. The precise nature of the threat has not been disclosed by the police.

One school relayed to parents that the email contained threats of "harm" to students and staff in various Leeds schools. Consequently, the school decided to keep all pupils indoors for the day, locking perimeter gates and maintaining closed windows and doors.

Bradford Council confirmed the receipt of a threatening email by several schools in West Yorkshire. They also stated that police officers are offering support, safety advice, and reassurance to the affected schools, emphasizing their commitment to the safety of everyone within the school community.

A police spokesperson acknowledged the existence of the email sent to multiple West Yorkshire schools and confirmed an active police investigation, with efforts directed at ensuring the safety of affected schools. Photo by Tim Green, Wikimedia commons.