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Sir Elton John has voiced his support for Sir Keir Starmer in a video message that resonated with hundreds of enthusiastic Labour supporters on Saturday.

Seated beside his husband, David Furnish, Sir Elton's message was met with overwhelming applause at a supporters' meeting in Westminster. He expressed his dismay at the challenges faced by Britain's emerging creative talent due to bureaucracy and red tape.

Sir Elton stated, “It’s heartbreaking to see the hopes of Britain’s next generation of creative talent downtrodden and destroyed by bureaucracy and red tape. That’s why we’re backing Keir and Labour to win this election. There is only one choice. Let’s help artists cut through the red tape that prevents them from thriving and contributing to this country’s future success. Let’s show the world what a creative, prosperous and forward-thinking nation Britain is.”

He concluded his message with a rallying call, “Let’s get behind Labour to win on 4 July.”

Other notable celebrities supporting Labour in the upcoming general election include actors Kit Harington and James Norton, and musician Beverley Knight. Each of them contributed video messages to the event, encouraging support in the final days before the vote.

Comedian and musician Bill Bailey also addressed the Labour rally, adding to the series of high-profile endorsements.

Kit Harington, famous for his role in Game of Thrones, emphasized the urgency of addressing the climate crisis, stating, “The climate is teetering and we really can’t afford 14 more years of the Tories in action.”

On stage, Sir Keir Starmer urged voters to grant him a “clear mandate” to govern, warning that political apathy could lead to another term for Rishi Sunak. He highlighted the importance of motivating disillusioned voters to ensure a decisive outcome on Thursday.

Sir Keir, dressed casually with his sleeves rolled up, remarked, “This is the final furlong. This is the final mile, the last push, and it’s the hardest mile as well.” He stressed that while British people desire change, they need to be convinced that it is possible and that their vote can make a difference. Photo by Ernst Vikne, Wikimedia commons.