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In the wake of a cyber attack on the British Library, hackers known as the Rhysida ransomware group have announced intentions to auction off purportedly stolen data. The attack, occurring

last month, led to substantial technological disruption at the renowned research library in London.

The hackers claim to possess exclusive and impactful data taken during the attack and have planned an online auction with bidding starting at 20 Bitcoin (approximately £30,000). Reports suggest that personal data, including passport scans, HMRC employment paperwork, and internal HR files, may have been compromised.

While the British Library has not officially addressed the impending auction, they confirmed today the leakage of "internal HR files" resulting from the cyber attack at the end of October. The institution reassures users that there is no evidence suggesting the compromise of user data.

This attack has caused a significant technology outage, impacting the library's website, online systems, and some onsite services. The British Library anticipates restoring many services in the coming weeks but expects potential disruptions to persist.

As the investigation continues with support from cybersecurity specialists, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and the Metropolitan Police, the British Library emphasizes taking precautionary measures such as changing login passwords. They assure ongoing efforts to safeguard system integrity and promise updates as the situation unfolds.

This cyber incident, causing distress and potential data breaches, underscores the vulnerability of critical institutions to such attacks, prompting heightened security measures and ongoing investigations. Photo by The British Library by Roger Davies, Wikimedia commons.