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In Egypt, the violence escalates. Dozens of people have died in clashes between Muslim Brotherhood and the military. The brutal crackdown triggers internationally horror senior U.S. politicians demand that the army moderation. In Germany, however, there is little critical voices.


At least 72 dead and hundreds injured – that is the sad result of the clashes between security forces and supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi on Saturday in Cairo and Alexandria. World grows, given the crackdown by police and military against supporters of former heads of state concern that Egypt is threatening to break at the bloody conflict. Senior U.S. politicians demand that the army reserve. Secretary of State John Kerry called on the Egyptian leadership, “pull away land from the brink” that. He had expressed his deep dismay at the violence in Cairo and Alexandria in talks with Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei and Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi. “This is a defining moment for Egypt,” Kerry said. The security forces, he called on to respect the right to peaceful protests, including quite a sustained sit. Defense Chuck Hagel speaks to the Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whom he urged to “prevent further bloodshed and loss of life.”

UN chief Ban Ki-moon condemned the bloodshed and called on the transitional government to “ensure the protection of all Egyptians.” He appealed to the demonstrators to exercise restraint and maintain the peaceful nature of their protest. The EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton called on to renounce violence. Concerned voices were also heard by the foreign ministers of Germany, Britain and France. “Everything must be done to avoid a spiral of violence,” said the Foreign Ministry in Paris. According to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mursi support, at least 120 people were killed on Saturday. Units of riot police had attacked on the edge of their protest camp in Nasr City protesters. About 4,000 people were injured. The Ministry of Health spoke against at least 72 dead and 411 injured.