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Hull City's manager, Liam Rosenior, has spoken out against racist comments directed at him on social media, emphasizing the need for greater accountability online.

Following news of his nomination for an award, Rosenior revealed that he and his family were exposed to "unacceptable" racist posts online. Expressing concern over the impact on his children, he called for measures to identify individuals responsible for such remarks.

Rosenior stressed that criticism related to his managerial skills or team performance is part of the football world and is acceptable. However, he drew a clear line at racially motivated comments, emphasizing their hurtful and unjust nature.

Speaking on BBC Radio Humberside Sport, Rosenior underscored the importance of addressing such behavior publicly, not only for himself but also for his players if they were to experience similar treatment.

The incident occurred shortly after Rosenior was announced as a nominee for the EFL Championship Manager of the Season award, highlighting the irony of racist backlash against a positive achievement.

Rosenior, alongside two other managers, awaits the announcement of the award winner on April 14th. Photo by James Boyes from UK, Wikimedia commons.