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In a significant development, Manchester United's forward Mason Greenwood is set to leave the club through mutual agreement following a comprehensive six-month

internal investigation into his behavior.

The incident stems from January 2022 when Greenwood was arrested based on allegations involving material that was published online. However, all charges against the 21-year-old England international, which included attempted rape and assault, were dropped on February 2, 2023.

In response, Manchester United released a statement stating, "All parties involved, including Mason, acknowledge the complexities associated with his potential return to Manchester United. Consequently, it has been mutually determined that the most appropriate course of action would be for him to continue his career away from Old Trafford. We will collaborate with Mason to achieve this outcome."

The statement also noted, "After a thorough review of the available evidence, we have concluded that the material posted online did not present a comprehensive view, and that Mason did not commit the offenses for which he was initially charged. Nonetheless, Mason has recognized his errors and assumed responsibility."

Greenwood, in his own statement, expressed acceptance of his mistakes and accountability, while denying the allegations against him. He stated, "Today's resolution was reached through a collaborative process involving Manchester United, my family, and myself. It has been determined that the optimal decision for all parties is for me to continue my football career away from Old Trafford, in order to avoid any distractions for the club. I'm appreciative of the support I've received from the club since I joined at the age of seven. Part of me will always remain connected to United."

Despite his contract with Old Trafford extending until 2025, options for Greenwood now include potential sale or loan to another club for the remainder of his contract. While he will continue to receive full compensation, he will not participate in training with Manchester United.

Background and Implications

The online material in question allegedly depicted a man, purported to be Greenwood, engaging in abusive behavior towards a woman. The charges against him, including attempted rape and assault, were subsequently dropped due to key witnesses withdrawing and new evidence surfacing, leading to a lack of prospects for conviction.

While this decision by Manchester United concludes a turbulent chapter, it highlights the club's commitment to addressing such serious matters and making decisions in alignment with their values. Photo by Ardfern, Wikimedia commons.