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British Queen celebrates


Lawyers representing Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) argued in London's High Court that Prince Harry should be awarded a maximum of £500 ($637) in damages for one admitted instance of

British shop price inflation has eased this month, offering some relief to households grappling with a surge in living costs and higher borrowing expenses, according to a survey released on


UK supermarket Sainsbury's has announced its investment of £15 million ($19.1 million) in slashing prices on essential products. The move aims to maintain competitiveness and cater to

An investigation has revealed that academics from Cambridge University have been assisting Iran in the development of "suicide drones."


Offenders will be on call to swiftly clean up egregious instances of fly-tipping, vandalism and littering as part of a new government plan to tackle the scourge of anti-social behaviour.

Suella Braverman, the Home Office minister, chaired the inaugural gathering of the Jewish Community Crime, Policing, and Security Taskforce. The meeting, held on Tuesday, brought together


Next steps to ban the keeping of primates as pets have been set out by the government today (Tuesday 20 June).

In his testimony to a public inquiry, former British Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledged that his government made a mistake by prioritizing preparations for a potential flu pandemic

The Post Office has announced that all postmasters involved in the Historic Shortfall Scheme (HSS) will receive a top-up payment in addition to their compensation award. The purpose of these


The UK-Singapore Cyber Dialogue was held in London on 13 June 2023 to discuss cyber priorities and deliverables for both countries.