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British Queen celebrates



Published today (18th September 2023), the guidance makes clear that social media can be a highly effective way for a charity to engage its audiences and communicate about its work but


Councillor Susan Hall, who was announced as the Conservative Party's candidate for the 2024 London mayoral election, has come under scrutiny for her social media activity,

Theresa May, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, expressed her belief that the country would have been better off if Members of Parliament (MPs) had


On Thursday, disgraced former Conservative MP Chris Pincher announced his resignation, creating a third by-election challenge for the government. Pincher, who had previously served as a


Rishi Sunak's Director of Communications, Amber de Botton, has resigned from her position in No 10 after serving for 10 months, citing that it is the "right time to move on." She made the


Scotland's Remaining 470 Red Phone Boxes Communities throughout Scotland are receiving a call to safeguard a piece of history by adopting and repurposing traditional red


The recent incidents of looting and disruption orchestrated through social media have drawn strong criticism from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who labeled the actions as "appalling" and


In an effort to realize a longstanding aspiration of consolidating ownership of the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, Lord Rothermere is engaged in talks with potential investors, according to

China has decided to halt its intentions to construct a new embassy in London, a move poised to escalate diplomatic tensions between the two nations.

GB News, the UK media channel, is facing four new investigations by media regulator Ofcom following complaints about the channel's potential breach of impartiality rules. Ofcom is examining