British Queen celebrates



Driving up attendance and tackling persistent absence is at the centre of new stronger measures launched today as pupils return to school.  


The New Year Honours recognise the achievements and service of extraordinary people across the UK.

A recent survey conducted by Global Student Living has revealed concerning sentiments among Jewish students regarding their university experiences. The survey, encompassing

Disputes have arisen over trademark applications involving the name "Cambridge," leading to clashes between the city's renowned university and various companies seeking to register the

Recent research unveils a surprising trend in the realm of relationships: dating a graduate might just be the secret to a thriving love life. Contrary to stereotypes, the intelligence and education


More than 17million free school meals have been funded for state primary school children in the capital this school term, thanks to historic £135m funding from the Mayor of London,


In a bid to curb disruptions and enhance safeguarding, The John Wallis Academy in Kent is set to implement a stringent policy requiring students to store their mobile phones in locked pouches


Devon County Council noted that home education used to be primarily a lifestyle choice, but lately, mental health concerns have been a significant factor in this growing trend.


New College Durham (NCD) has reported the dire situation of nearly 1,000 students unable to attend classes due to the ongoing Go North East bus strike, compelling the college to seek


Northern Ireland is set to witness school closures as teachers from five unions prepare for a half-day walkout, followed by four additional days of strikes due to a prolonged dispute over pay.