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Holidaymakers have expressed their anger and frustration over the agonizing 16-hour delays they experienced at the Port of Dover, with some describing the scene as "carnage" and school

children being "physically sick" due to exhaustion. The delays were caused by "lengthy French border processes and sheer volume," said the Port of Dover, which declared a critical incident on the issue. Thousands of travelers were left stranded, and officials were criticized for not communicating better with those affected. Many had to sleep in their vehicles overnight, and coachloads of children were waiting for prolonged periods.

P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways also reported delays due to poor weather and French border issues. The Government spokesperson stated that it is in close contact with ferry operators, French authorities, and the Kent Resilience Forum regarding delays at the Port of Dover. The port remains busy, but the situation has improved significantly since yesterday, with coaches being processed at a much quicker rate. The spokesperson advised passengers to check the latest advice from their operators before traveling.

One woman described the situation as "carnage," having been stuck in an overnight bus for 16 hours. Rosie Pearson, an environmental campaigner from Essex, is traveling to Val d'Isere in the French Alps with her family on an overnight bus. The family was due to arrive at 2.15 pm on Saturday, but due to delays in Dover, they will now not arrive until 6 am on Sunday. Pearson criticized the lack of communication and organization during the delay, stating that "not a single bit of communication" was provided during the 16-hour wait.

Schoolchildren were also affected by the delays and physical exhaustion. Some children did not eat a substantial meal for over 15 hours, and some became physically ill, according to Robert Kordula, a coach driver from Swansea. He said that he had not been updated about their current wait time for a ferry, causing frustration and confusion among the children and the accompanying adults.

The delays have caused significant disruptions to the Easter holiday travel plans of many, who were looking forward to a much-needed break after a year of pandemic-related restrictions. Many are calling out French authorities for the lengthy border processes and sheer volume of traffic, which led to the critical incident at the Port of Dover. The situation highlights the need for better communication and organization during such delays, especially for those traveling with children.

In conclusion, the prolonged delays at the Port of Dover have caused significant disruptions and frustrations to thousands of holidaymakers, with many forced to endure 16-hour waits and sleep in their vehicles overnight. The lack of communication and organization during the delays has been criticized, especially for those traveling with children. The incident highlights the need for better communication and organization during such events, especially as the travel industry attempts to recover from the pandemic-related restrictions. Photo by Suicasmo, Wikimedia commons.