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Bassetlaw is set to undergo a major transformation with a £20 million boost allocated for regeneration projects aimed at revitalizing local towns, addressing anti-social behavior,


Vaughan Gething emerged victorious in the Welsh Labour Party leadership contest, marking a significant milestone as he prepares to become the first Black leader of Wales’ semi-autonomous

Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled a significant £875,000 investment to bolster grassroots initiatives addressing extremism, hate, intolerance, and radicalization across London.

Technical glitches disrupted online deliveries for both Sainsbury's and Tesco recently, causing inconvenience for customers and prompting apologies from the supermarkets. Sainsbury's cited a

Five individuals are sitting on a £1,000,000 fortune, completely unaware of their newfound wealth. However, time is ticking for them to claim their millions.

In a significant move towards enhancing adult social care and supporting unpaid carers nationwide, the government has allocated £20 million for innovative projects across the country.


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has definitively stated that there will not be a general election on 2 May, coinciding with the scheduled local elections. While earlier this year, Sunak hinted that the'


Starting today, the ULEZ scrappage scheme, led by the Mayor of London, offers participants the opportunity to donate their non ULEZ-compliant vehicles to support humanitarian and medical

Michael Gove, the Communities Secretary, has identified far-right and Islamist organizations that are under scrutiny for extremism according to the government's new definition.

Rishi Sunak faces renewed scrutiny regarding his connections to Frank Hester, a party donor entangled in a race-related controversy, following reports that the Conservative Party received an