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Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey expressed grave concerns about Britain's economic future, stating that growth prospects are currently at their worst, despite Chancellor Rishi Sunak's

optimistic view of a thriving economy.

In a candid interview with Newcastle upon Tyne's Chronicle Live, Bailey highlighted a bleak outlook, indicating that interest rates will persist at 15-year highs, and the deceleration of inflation will significantly slow this month.

Addressing the issue, Bailey remarked, "The potential growth rates of the economy are undeniably lower than in much of my working life. The slowdown in the supply side of the economy is deeply worrying, a matter of considerable concern for me."

Regarding the recent dip in inflation below 5 percent, Bailey cautioned that sustaining the downward trajectory of price increases would pose significant challenges, especially with global energy prices experiencing less dramatic declines. He cautioned against expecting a similar 2 percent drop in the upcoming months.

Emphasizing the Bank's stance on monetary policy, Bailey stated that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) had no immediate plans to cut interest rates, indicating it was premature to engage in such discussions. Financial markets currently anticipate interest rates to remain at 5.25 percent until the following summer, affecting borrowing costs for products like mortgages.

Contrary to Bailey's apprehensions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed a more upbeat tone at a Global Investment Summit, asserting positive momentum in the country's economy. Chancellor Rishi Sunak echoed this sentiment, touting the UK as the ideal investment destination globally, citing a blend of competitive tax policies, innovative culture, and skilled workforce.

The summit aimed to attract financial backing for UK projects, drawing the participation of numerous CEOs, including Stephen Schwarzman from Blackstone, Amanda Blanc at Aviva, David Solomon from Goldman Sachs, and Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan Chase. The Government announced a substantial commitment of £29.5 billion from investors, tripling the funds raised in the previous global investment event in 2021. Photo by UK Government, Wikimedia commons.