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Rightmove, a prominent property platform, is making strides into the mortgage sector, set to unveil further details during its investor relations day at the London Stock Exchange.

As outlined in their trading statement, the company has embarked on a significant initiative within the mortgage industry by rolling out its inaugural broker product.

This fresh offering aims to streamline consumers' access to mortgage-related advice directly through Rightmove's platform.

Johan Svanstrom, CEO, discussed this development on Radio 4's Today programme, stating, "We find the mortgage sector to be truly exhilarating. Our continuous focus is on developing user-friendly services for consumers. Especially in times of increased rates, we want everyone to feel empowered in making their moves."

He further highlighted Rightmove's existing collaboration with Nationwide, one of the nation's largest lenders, in the mortgage domain, initiated last year. The digital application process offered through Rightmove has seen significant growth.

Svanstrom emphasized the expansion of this partnership, integrating one of their estate agent broker services to enhance the range of choices available to consumers.

Regarding the timing of their entry into the mortgage market, Svanstrom noted, "In fact, the capability and necessity of lending are pivotal for the housing market's vitality... What we aim for is collaboration with partners to facilitate a digital and transparent process. With one of the most recognized brands in the market, where numerous consumers seek guidance, we believe this endeavor is highly impactful."