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Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary, has publicly accused Rishi Sunak of failing to address the growing threat of antisemitism and extremism on the streets in a scathing letter

released after her dismissal. Braverman also asserted that the Prime Minister postponed considering legislation to ban marches glorifying terrorism to minimize political risk.

In the letter, shared on social media and addressed to the Prime Minister, Braverman outlined a series of perceived shortcomings for which she held Sunak responsible. She expressed disappointment, stating, "Another cause for disappointment...has been your failure to rise to the challenge posed by increasingly vicious antisemitism and extremism displayed on Britain’s streets since Hamas’s terrorist atrocities of October 7th."

Braverman continued, emphasizing her efforts to advocate for legislation to ban hate marches and combat rising racism, intimidation, and terrorist glorification affecting community cohesion. She argued that Britain is at a critical turning point in its history, facing a threat from radicalization and extremism not seen in two decades.

Criticizing Sunak's approach, Braverman claimed, "Rather than fully acknowledge the severity of this threat, your team disagreed with me for weeks that the law needed changing." She further accused Sunak of postponing tough decisions to minimize political risk, thereby increasing the real danger presented by these marches.

Concluding her letter, the MP for Fareham expressed regret, stating, "I regret to say your response has been weak, uncertain, and lacking in the qualities of leadership this country needs." Photo by UK Home Office, Wikimedia commons.