British Queen celebrates


After Boris Johnson, the UK's Prime Minister, said no one would be living further than 10 miles from where the vaccine could be given, the UK's nationwide vaccination

program will get a fresh boost starting tomorrow.

Also, vaccinations will be available in the parking lots of fifty Morrisons supermarkets. New mobile vaccination centres “Super-Vax” designed to vaccinate 3,000 people a day will be opened across the country on January 11.

The opening of new vaccination centres is made possible by a licensed vaccine from the University of Oxford, that does not require deep freezing for storage. 1,5 million Britons have already been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine and will continue to be vaccinated, including in 223 hospitals and 200 pharmacies in England.

However, Scotland has yet to announce any mass vaccination centres' location while Wales and Northern Ireland are setting up new vaccination centres in different publicly accessible buildings, including entertainment centres.