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London’s business trade body has this week launched a new programme to support black business ownership and black employees in the capital.

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has set up the Black Business Association to support black employees and black business ownership in capital.

The body will be chaired by Lord Michael Hastings, the BBC’s former head of public affairs.

“The LCCI is London’s premier network for business collaboration securing confidence from investors and innovators to keep the energy of this great city producing jobs and supporting livelihoods”, he said.

“That’s why now, it’s time for a city that benefits from black lives and once historically sadly too, black deaths, to build bonds of common purpose bringing in the wealth of talented black entrepreneurs and employers and workers to focus our vision on a city where all can thrive, with justice and equity and where work can be dignified for all.”  

“As the capital’s largest independent business network we use our voice to tackle a range of issues impacting different communities doing business in London. With this in mind we feel it is important to do much more to support black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurs across the capital”, said LCCI chief executive Richard Burge.

Naomi Atkin

Photo by Phillip Medhurst, Wikimedia commons