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Celebrity Spotting in Britain has become a national pastime. Each year thousands of visitors gather on the streets of London, clutching Timeout magazines; hoping to make some sense from the many pages of where to go and what to do in the City.

Say, you're a celeb spotter! You've come to London for some serious celebrity action. Where would you go to spot the Stars?
Here are some Celebrity Hotspots: some are relatively easy to get in to; but you need to book at least 6 months in advance. Others are membership only, so to land a seat at the bar will require some serious networking on your part.

Celebrity Hotspots
Most people go to The Ivy for the name and the status. You will spend more than the food is worth, but that is to be expected! You're not there for the sumptuous fare, but for the celebrity action... hopefully! Oak panels, soft lighting, and 1920s stained glass windows enhance the idea that it's all terribly snobby. The service and attention to detail are exemplary, the menu is eclectic, mainly British/European with a few far-flung influences. But it caters mainly for people who know what they want. Simple ingredients prepared to perfection have earned The Ivy its coveted reputation of serving delightful 'comfort food'. The cosy dining area almost certainly means if a celebrity is at the next table, you'll be sitting a stones throw away from them.

Celebrities often seen enjoying the famously diverse menu at The Ivy are David Bowie & Iman, Tom Cruize, Elton John and George Michael

San Lorenzo
in Knightsbridge is probably the most infamous restaurant in London, because it was one of Princess Diana's favourite haunts. The place is still very popular with celebrities and is famous for dishes such as "bagna cauda", risotto with cheese and asparagus and polenta with blue cheese.

A Knightsbridge institution for the rich and famous, San Lorenzo is notorious for its glamorous clientele, rather than for the quality of its food and service. Its tinted windows protect the privacy of its well-to-do diners. The Italian food is pretty ordinary but the place is always packed, so it's essential to book.

Stars you could bump into if you decide to visit San Lorenzo are Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Guy Ritchie & Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Groucho Club was established in 1985 and the name was inspired by one of Groucho Marx's quips; he once remarked that "I don't want to join a club that will accept me as a member."

The original membership was drawn from the publishing world but over the years has expanded to include all creative fields of the media and arts. Soho with its bohemian history and working and living population of writers, artists and filmmakers was the natural location. The Groucho is the original modern members club. The infamous membership Committee has long been the fearless arbiters of who is considered a suitable Groucho Club person. Concerts, exhibitions and parties are hosted here and the 19 bedrooms are open to members and their guests. You'll have to make friends with a member just to get into the Bar area.

They say membership to the Groucho Club is more exclusive than the SAS and nearly as tough to get in; more mysterious than the Mason's, with an initiation ceremony that would make a Ninja faint.

Celebrities whom you might see at The Groucho include, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Kate Moss & Robert Downey Jr.

Author Bio
The Draycott Hotel in Cadogan Gardens is both exclusive and secluded; attributes that are high on any celebrities list. Many celebrities find a home here, and Ali the Head Concierge has become a famous figure in his own right. He has taken care of people like, Michelle Pfeiffer, Pierce Brosnan, John Malkovich, Cheryl Ladd, Gerard Depardieu and Carole Bouquet. Ali comments: "Part of this job includes being followed around by the paparazzi; I make sure I go the extra mile in protecting the privacy of the Draycott's guests".