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In an insightful video shared on his TikTok account, travel blogger @Ralph_Travels has divulged a clever way to save money when flying to South East Asia from London.

According to Ralph Smith, aged 20, you can significantly cut down your flight expenses. In a video that has already garnered over 25,000 views, he explains a strategy that could potentially reduce the cost of each flight per person by nearly half, based on the price of an adult ticket.

Mr. Smith's advice entails altering your travel route by incorporating a stopover. This strategy can help you save more than 40% on your flights to South East Asia. He suggests, "Instead of flying directly from London, what you want to do is fly from London to Athens and then proceed from Athens to Singapore."

During April 2024, flights from London to Athens can be found for as low as £18 via WizzAir, as per Skyscanner. Meanwhile, the Athens-to-Singapore segment is available for £176 on the same site, resulting in a total cost of just £194 for both flights.

On the contrary, a direct flight from London to Singapore in April 2024 can cost as much as £494, marking an increase of 155%, according to Skyscanner.

Ralph also highlights that numerous other South East Asian destinations are affordably accessible from Singapore, making it an excellent layover choice if you intend to explore other neighboring countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, or Malaysia.

This advice comes after Ralph shared his insights on how to fly to Milan for approximately £12 this month.

He mentioned, "If you type in London to Milan in October, as you can see, you can get flights for around £12 each way. And even the return trip is £11, bringing the total cost to £23." He emphasized how you could save significantly on expensive dining by booking a flight to Milan for £23, spending a night or two in the city, and enjoying a memorable experience for under £150. Photo by Pedro Aragão, Wikimedia commons.