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Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis has criticized media outlets for failing to label Hamas as "terrorists" and instead using terms like "militants" and "fighters" for those attacking Israel. He expressed

his dismay at this issue and urged UK broadcasters and media to accurately designate Hamas as a terrorist organization, which it is proscribed as in the UK.

Speaking on Sky News, Sir Ephraim emphasized the importance of using the term "terrorist" and how failing to do so could provide a window of opportunity for justification, which he strongly opposes. He drew a parallel by asking how the British public would react if terrorists attacked an event like Glastonbury and were not called terrorists by the media.

In a separate statement posted on social media, the chief rabbi expressed his shock and devastation at the scale and brutality of the terrorist attacks in Israel. He called for prayers for the injured and those who have lost loved ones.

The media's approach to labeling terrorist attacks has been a point of concern, with the chief rabbi highlighting the significance of accurate terminology in the face of such tragic events.

Additional statements from Jewish leaders and organizations also condemned the terrorist acts and expressed their support for those affected by the attacks.

BBC, in response to the concerns, explained its adherence to editorial guidelines and noted that they have reported Hamas attacks and its terrorist designation by Western governments.

In the UK, as the attacks unfolded, parents with children serving in the IDF, including lone soldiers, prepared for their children to be called up to defend Israel. Israel has drafted a record number of reservists in response to the assault from Gaza.

Parents expressed their anxieties and concerns over the safety of their children, as many lone soldiers, without close family in Israel, were called up to serve. The community has shown strong support for the families of those serving in the IDF, with parents seeking prayers for the safety of their loved ones.

Amid the ongoing conflict, there has been an outpouring of support for the soldiers and their families, as well as coordinated efforts to provide equipment and supplies to reservists.

Despite the challenges and fears, the parents highlighted their children's dedication to defending Israel and the importance of supporting them during these trying times. Photo by Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Wikimedia commons.