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French authorities have confiscated 72 firearms and over 3,000 rounds of ammunition from the residence of iconic French actor Alain Delon.

Located in Douchy-Montcorbon, approximately 135km (84 miles) south of Paris, Delon's home also contained a shooting range. Prosecutors revealed that Delon lacked the necessary permit to possess firearms.

Renowned for his tough-guy roles in classic French cinema such as "The Samurai" and "Borsalino," the 88-year-old actor's home was searched following a tip-off from a court-appointed official who observed a weapon on the premises.

Delon, who has faced health challenges since suffering a stroke in 2019 and dealing with other undisclosed serious conditions, has also been embroiled in familial disputes. His children have aired their grievances publicly, engaging in legal battles and airing private matters in the media.

The recent legal wrangling concerns Delon's medical care, with conflicting assessments from court-appointed doctors and ongoing disagreements among family members.

Issues regarding Delon's well-being surfaced when his children lodged a complaint against his former live-in assistant, accusing her of "moral harassment." However, these allegations were refuted by the assistant's lawyer.

Delon's last notable public appearance was at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, where he received an honorary Palme d'Or. He also attended the funeral of his friend and fellow actor Jean-Paul Belmondo in Paris later that year. Photo by Georges Biard, Wikimedia commons.