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An extraordinary find in the world of literature recently captivated auction-goers as a first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, purchased for a mere 13p nearly three decades

ago, sold for a staggering £11,000.

The rare uncorrected proof copy, bearing the misnomer "JA Rowling" instead of the iconic "JK Rowling," was originally acquired in 1997 from a second-hand shop alongside two other books for a total of 40p.

Renowned Harry Potter expert Jim Spencer hailed the sale, remarking, "This book so deserved to do well. This is where the Harry Potter phenomenon began. This is the very first appearance in print of the first Potter novel."

The seller, who chose to remain anonymous, reminisced about the serendipitous discovery, recalling, "I didn't have much money but I always liked to treat myself to a browse round second-hand bookshops on Saturday mornings."

Describing the moment of purchase, she added, "The Harry Potter book was among the piles - maybe even by accident - as all the rest were Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh etc, as far as I remember. I bought it as a throw-in with a couple of other titles - 40p for all three. I don't think I even looked at it properly to tell the truth."

Notably, the auctioned copy bears the rare misattribution on the title page, displaying "JA Rowling" rather than the correct "JK Rowling," along with the alternate form "Joanne Rowling" on the opposite page.

The seller expressed her astonishment at the book's newfound worth, admitting, "Finding it when I did was just a massive piece of well-timed luck for which I will always be grateful and more than a tad surprised."

This remarkable sale adds another chapter to the enchanting legacy of the Harry Potter series, reaffirming its enduring appeal among collectors and literary enthusiasts alike. Photo by Mademoiselle Ortie / Elodie Tihange, Wikimedia commons.