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The British Embassy in Kyiv stands with embassies and delegations in Ukraine to express concern at the impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine’s children.

On World Children’s Day 2022, we, the Embassies and Delegations associated with this statement, express deep concern at the appalling and long-lasting impact of Russia’s war of aggression

on Ukraine’s children.

It is not possible to confirm the precise number of children that have been direct casualties, but OHCHR has verified that Russia’s invasion has killed more than 400 children, and injured 750 as of mid-November. The true toll is likely to be significantly higher, not to mention the devastating and long-term impact on the mental health of the younger generation.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of children have been forced from Ukraine either by fleeing to countries of safety, or through reported forced deportation and abduction by Russian armed forces, sometimes without their parents’ knowledge. We are also deeply concerned by reports that some children deported to Russia have been forcibly adopted.

There is no doubt that every child in Ukraine is suffering because of Russia’s invasion. Indiscriminate Russian attacks have destroyed countless schools and disrupted education through attacks on Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure. Frequent power cuts prevent online learning. In Russian-controlled areas, the Russia-imposed school curriculum propagates disinformation and teachers are punished for teaching in Ukrainian. Children suffer disproportionately from lack of power, heating, and water caused by Russian missile attacks.

The international community stands with Ukraine in protecting its future generations. Russia’s egregious human rights abuses and violations must have consequences and perpetrators of war crimes must face justice.

Signatories of this statement:

  • British Embassy Kyiv
  • American Embassy Kyiv
  • Australian Embassy Kyiv
  • Austrian Embassy Kyiv
  • Canadian Embassy Kyiv
  • Czech Embassy Kyiv
  • Dutch Embassy Kyiv
  • Estonian Embassy Kyiv
  • EU Delegation Kyiv
  • French Embassy Kyiv
  • German Embassy Kyiv
  • Italian Embassy Kyiv
  • Japanese Embassy Kyiv
  • Latvian Embassy Kyiv
  • Norwegian Embassy Kyiv
  • Polish Embassy Kyiv
  • Swedish Embassy Kyiv
  • Swiss Embassy Kyiv

Photo by Nick Grapsy, Wikimedia commons.