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At the forthcoming Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Italy, the Foreign Secretary will rally G7 allies to sustain pressure on Putin amid his ongoing unlawful aggression against Ukraine.

Highlighted by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and The Rt Hon Lord Cameron, the Foreign Secretary's agenda will encompass pressing G7 counterparts to amplify assistance to Ukraine. Additionally, discussions will touch upon the imperative of averting a regional conflict post Iran's concerning actions against Israel. The G7's united stance on escalating tensions in the Middle East, the assertiveness of China, and the challenge of irregular migration will also take center stage.

Set to embark on this diplomatic mission, the Foreign Secretary aims to underscore the UK's unwavering support for Ukraine's security while fostering dialogue on de-escalating regional tensions. He will emphasize the necessity for European and G7 partners to bolster financial and material contributions to ensure Ukraine's triumph. Leveraging sanctioned Russian assets to fortify Ukraine's position will be a key point of discussion, extending from recent discourse at the NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels.

Collectively, the G7 has imposed sanctions amounting to nearly $300 billion on Russian assets. These measures are crucial in impeding Russia's financial resources, estimated at over $400 billion, which could otherwise prolong Putin's belligerence for an additional four years.

Foreign Secretary David Cameron affirmed, "Ukraine has our unequivocal support until it is victorious and achieves a just peace. It is vital that we agree a way forward to use sanctioned Russian assets to support Ukraine and ensure Russia pays for the destruction it has wreaked."

Furthermore, the Foreign Secretary will advocate for intensified efforts to disrupt Russia's defense industry complex, including countering attempts to evade sanctions. Collaborative action against entities aiding Russia's military endeavors will also be encouraged.

In response to Iran's recent aggressive actions against Israel, the G7 will advocate for restraint and caution against exacerbating the conflict. Coordinated sanctions targeting Iran's destabilizing conduct in the region will be pursued to demonstrate a unified front.

Amid the multifaceted discussions, the G7 will address pressing global issues, including the assertiveness of China, financial system reforms, and irregular migration. Recognizing the G7's significant economic influence, efforts will be directed towards fostering international prosperity, climate resilience, and conflict resolution.

Efforts to tackle irregular migration, often facilitated by transnational criminal organizations, will be prioritized, with an emphasis on addressing root causes to curtail dangerous journeys and promote international stability.

The G7's concerted actions reflect its commitment to fostering a fairer, more stable, and prosperous global community, resonating with shared values and aspirations for a better world. Photo by, Wikimedia commons.