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A US radio station that previously declined a listener's Beyoncé request citing its focus on country music is now changing its tune after facing backlash.

The fan, who accused KYKC-FM of "racism and discrimination," shared the station's response on social media, sparking widespread criticism and amplification by fan accounts like @BeyLegion.

Following the outcry, the station's manager acknowledged Beyoncé as an "icon" and announced that they are now playing her latest track, "Texas Hold 'Em," which she debuted during Super Bowl ads.

In a statement to CBS News, Roger Harris, the general manager for South Central Oklahoma Radio Enterprises, which oversees KYKC, explained that they were unaware of Beyoncé's venture into country music and initially did not have the song in their playlist due to being a smaller station not serviced by major labels. However, after receiving numerous requests for the song, staff listened to it and deemed it fitting for their country music rotation.

Harris emphasized that the station holds no bias against Beyoncé and wishes her success in exploring different musical genres. He also expressed a sentiment that artists should not be confined to specific genres, emphasizing that good music transcends labels.

Following the uproar, KYKC announced on social media that they were receiving numerous requests for "Texas Hold 'Em" and promptly added it to their playlist.

Despite being released just days ago, Beyoncé's new song has already garnered millions of plays on streaming platforms and significant views on YouTube, indicating a strong reception from fans across various musical genres. Photo by Nat Ch Villa, Wikimedia commons.