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As wildfires relentlessly consume homes in Chile's Valparaíso region, the toll on human lives continues to mount, with hundreds of people reported missing.

The devastation wrought by the fires has already claimed the lives of over 120 individuals, while thousands of homes lay in ruins.

President Gabriel Boric has deemed the inferno as "the worst catastrophe to strike the country since the earthquake of 27 February 2010," a seismic event that resulted in the loss of more than 500 lives.

The magnitude of the crisis is evident from space, as satellite imagery captures the billowing smoke engulfing the Valparaíso region.

The conflagration erupted amidst an unprecedented heatwave, luring tourists to the coastal towns of Viña del Mar and Valparaíso, typically tempered by oceanic breezes. However, these picturesque locales, along with Quilpué to the east, have been smothered in acrid smoke emanating from the raging forest fires in the nearby hills.

Driven by relentless gusts of wind, the fires swiftly engulfed hillside communities, leaving residents with scant time to escape. Drone footage vividly portrays the scale of destruction inflicted by the flames.

Tragically, many individuals were unable to flee in time, succumbing to the ferocity of the inferno. While officials have confirmed 123 fatalities, only 33 have been identified thus far.

With saving lives and extinguishing the flames taking precedence, government resources are mobilized while volunteers provide essential aid to those displaced by the calamity.

The toll on property is staggering, with nearly 15,000 homes damaged and entire neighborhoods reduced to ashes. Grim images depict the charred remnants of vehicles strewn across desolate streets.

In response to the crisis, President Boric has declared a state of emergency and enforced a night-time curfew to facilitate rescue and recovery efforts.

Authorities are also scrutinizing the possibility of arson, with police and experts launching investigations into the origins of the fires.

As Chile grapples with this unprecedented disaster, the resilience of its people is tested, and the nation's resolve is put to the ultimate trial in the face of adversity. Photo by Pablo Trincado from Santiago de Chile, Chile, Wikimedia commons.