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British Queen celebrates


Embarking on a visit aimed at supporting those affected by armed conflict, the Duchess of Edinburgh made her way to Colombia, commencing her journey with a series of engagements

focused on women's empowerment.

Her Royal Highness landed in Bogota on November 28th, 2023, initiating her visit with a meeting with Colombia's Vice President, Francia Marquez.

A primary objective of her visit is to extend support to women who have endured the repercussions of sexual violence stemming from conflict. Engaging with survivors, the Duchess of Edinburgh participated in an event hosted at the Centre for Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation, where she interacted with those impacted. Additionally, she explored an art exhibition titled "Spinning with Patience to Weave Hopes for Peace."

For years, the Duchess has dedicated herself to advocating for those affected by sexual violence in conflict zones. This recent visit responds to a call from the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office to bolster the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda.

Subsequently, Sophie participated in a roundtable discussion, jointly hosted by the UK and Canadian embassies, delving into the WPS Agenda. During this session, she engaged with women from the Colombian Armed Forces, listening to their contributions to the agenda.

Venturing to Cali, she met with local women's organizations in the Pacific region, further amplifying her commitment to championing women's causes.

The Duchess's visit to Colombia is scheduled to continue until December 1st, 2023, as she continues her efforts to advocate for and support women affected by conflict. Photo by Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Wikimedia commons.