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The United Kingdom reiterates its support for Israel's right to self-defense but emphasizes the importance of exercising restraint in any military operations against the Palestinian militant group

Hamas to safeguard the well-being of civilians, stated Foreign Minister James Cleverly.

Cleverly, addressing the media on Sunday, disclosed that he has conveyed the imperative to minimize harm to civilian populations in discussions with the Israeli government.

"In our view, restraint and discipline should be the defining characteristics of the Israeli defense force's actions," Cleverly affirmed during an interview with Sky News.

"We acknowledge Israel's inherent right to self-defense. However, we urge every possible effort to mitigate civilian casualties. It is vital to thwart Hamas's objectives, which include the escalation of hostilities into a broader regional conflict."

Cleverly's statements align with the international community's widespread call for restraint. These remarks come at a time when Israel is preparing for a ground incursion into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The Israeli government has advised Palestinians in that area to move southward toward a sealed border with Egypt. Photo by Simon Dawson / No10 Downing Street, Wikimedia commons.