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Elon Musk has announced that he intends to introduce a monthly fee for users of X (formerly Twitter) as a measure to combat bot accounts, stating that it's the "only way to protect against bot


The billionaire owner of X has proposed a "small monthly payment" for users. However, this decision has raised concerns that it may lead to a decline in app usage.

Cybersecurity expert Jake Moore at ESET noted that bots have long been a problem on the platform, which escalated after Musk laid off numerous employees, including security staff. He suggested that requiring payment from all users could mitigate this issue but warned of a potential mass exodus to rival platforms like Threads and Mastadon.

Ben Foster, CEO of The SEO Works, criticized the subscription-based model, stating that it could be detrimental to X, as most people may not be willing to pay for something available elsewhere for free. He emphasized the importance of a user base and debate for the platform's impact.

Musk disclosed his plans during a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Musk explained that charging a fee would help combat the prevalence of bot accounts, making it more challenging for them to operate.

While further details regarding the fee remain unclear, some X users have expressed their displeasure with the idea, with some considering discontinuing their use of the platform.

During their conversation, Musk and Netanyahu also touched upon issues related to anti-Semitism on X, with Musk expressing his opposition to hate speech and conflict-promoting content on the platform.

Netanyahu defended Musk against accusations of anti-Semitism and encouraged him to address such issues within the boundaries of the First Amendment.

The Israeli Prime Minister is currently facing his own domestic controversy over proposed judicial reforms, which have sparked protests in Israel.

Musk inquired about these reforms during his conversation with Netanyahu, which received significant pushback from some individuals at Tesla, according to Musk. Netanyahu defended his stance, suggesting that many protesters were misinformed about the reforms. Photo by JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US, Wikimedia commons.