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On March 18, British Interior Minister Suella Braverman visited Rwanda to discuss the country’s acceptance of migrants who arrive in the UK without permission. This is part of a £120m deal

agreed with Rwanda last year, which aims to send tens of thousands of migrants over 4,000 miles away to Rwanda.

Despite the controversial nature of the proposal, which many have argued is costly and impractical, no deportations have taken place while campaigners challenge the legality of the policy in the courts. Charities have also raised concerns that the plan will criminalise thousands of genuine refugees who have very few routes to seek asylum in Britain without entering the country.

According to British government data, over 45,000 people entered the UK last year by crossing the Channel in small boats from France, mostly young men from Albania, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.

During her visit to Rwanda, Braverman met with Rwanda's Foreign Minister, Vincent Biruta, to discuss the deportation plan. She also confirmed that the UK would provide extra support for the migrants who are sent to the country.

“Many countries around the world are grappling with unprecedented numbers of illegal migrants and I sincerely believe that this world-leading partnership ... is both humanitarian and compassionate and also fair and balanced," Braverman said at a news conference with Biruta.

Biruta echoed Braverman’s sentiments, stating that the proposal would “offer better opportunities for migrants and Rwandans alike” and would help the UK government's goal to disrupt people-trafficking networks.

Critics of the plan have argued that it is a way for the UK government to avoid its responsibility to provide safe haven for refugees. They argue that the UK should instead focus on improving its own asylum system and working with other European countries to address the root causes of migration.

It remains to be seen whether the deportation plan will be implemented, as it is still being challenged in court. However, the visit by Braverman to Rwanda indicates that the UK government is committed to pursuing the controversial policy. Photo by SteveRwanda, Wikimedia commons.