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The Prime Minister spoke to President Joe Biden this afternoon.

The leaders discussed the fight against coronavirus and updated each other on their countries’ vaccine rollouts. The Prime Minister stressed that global access to vaccines will be key to defeating the pandemic.

The Prime Minister and President agreed that combatting climate change will be a crucial component of building back better from the pandemic. They shared their goals for the President’s Climate Change Summit in April and the UK-hosted COP26 Summit in November, including the need to address climate change and preserve biodiversity in tandem. They discussed the importance of ensuring all countries have access to the green technology they need to reduce carbon emissions.

They talked about shared international challenges. The leaders agreed on the need for Iran to come back into compliance with the nuclear deal. On China, the Prime Minister and President reflected on the significant action taken by the UK, US and other international partners earlier this week to impose sanctions on human rights violators in Xinjiang and expressed their concern about retaliatory action taken by China.

On Northern Ireland, the leaders reiterated their shared commitment to protecting the Good Friday Agreement.

The Prime Minister looked forward to welcoming the President to Cornwall for the G7 Summit in June.