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Authorities in Lincolnshire have made significant headway in their battle against drug-related crime after uncovering a large-scale cannabis operation near Spalding.

Three individuals, aged 32, 33, and 35, were apprehended on suspicion of cultivating a class B controlled substance following the discovery of over 1,200 cannabis plants housed within sheds and caravans at a site in Evergreen Close.

The operation, which involved more than 50 police officers, saw the deployment of various specialized units, including crime scene investigators, a dog unit, and a drone pilot. According to Lincolnshire Police, the extensive resources dedicated to the raid underscore their unwavering commitment to eradicating such criminal activities that negatively impact communities.

Detective Inspector Mel Rooke emphasized the seriousness with which law enforcement views crimes of this nature, stating, "The amount of resources that we are prepared to dedicate towards crimes like this, which we know blight communities, shows how committed we are to putting a stop to this type of criminality."

In addition to the seizure of the cannabis plants, authorities also confiscated several vehicles, a generator, and an undisclosed sum of cash as part of their ongoing investigation. Photo by Pavel Ševela, Wikimedia commons.