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Three individuals faced charges via video link at Westminster Magistrates' Court, accused of plotting a neo-Nazi assault on an Islamic educational institution using a 3D-printed firearm.

Brogan Stewart, Marco Pitzettu, both aged 24, and Christopher Ringrose, aged 33, made their virtual appearance in court without entering pleas, and were detained pending further proceedings at the Old Bailey scheduled for March 15th.

The arrests, occurring on February 20th, resulted from a coordinated operation led by Counter Terrorism Policing North East, involving pre-planned intelligence efforts. Searches of the suspects' residences uncovered evidence supporting the allegation of terrorism preparation, including the acquisition of instructions for crafting a 3D-printed firearm known as an FGC-9 semi-automatic weapon, as well as the identification of potential targets.

According to prosecutor Mark Luckett's statements at Westminster Magistrates' Court, the defendants discussed plans earlier this month to target an Islamic Education Centre in Leeds, along with individuals they referred to as "victims." Allegedly, they were active participants in a Telegram chat group providing guidance on military training and weaponry to facilitate terrorist activities.

During the recent searches of their homes, law enforcement discovered a cache of items, including a 3D printer, the 3D-printed FGC-9 semi-automatic firearm, decommissioned firearms, knives, and Nazi paraphernalia. Brogan Stewart's background as a former military cadet was also noted.

As part of the investigation, a 46-year-old man from Leicester was detained but later released without charges. Photo by GrimsbyT, Wikimedia commons.