British Queen celebrates


Prince William recently made a subtle appearance, lending a hand to sell the latest edition of the Big Issue magazine alongside his friend, Dave. The moment, captured and shared by

Kensington Palace, showcased the prince's involvement in the initiative, as they worked outside a Tesco in Hammersmith. In a social media post, the palace highlighted the event, expressing their delight at rejoining Dave for this cause and even provided a link for others to support the magazine by purchasing a copy.

This wasn't William's first venture into this realm. Prior to his 40th birthday, the prince teamed up with Dave to vend copies of the Big Issue. Reflecting on this experience in a later magazine contribution, William revealed his motivation, stating a desire to understand the vendor's perspective. He shared insights gained from this eye-opening encounter, acknowledging the contrast between his brief stint—marked by recognition and warmth—and the challenging reality faced by the majority of vendors enduring year-round sales, often overlooked by passersby.

In his account, William praised Dave as a hardworking and spirited individual deserving of more widespread encouragement and support from society. Dave reciprocated the praise in his own interview, describing William as relaxed, confident, and naturally adept in engaging with people, akin to his ease during interviews. Their exchange in the June 2022 edition of the Big Issue delved into discussions about combatting homelessness, with William seeking guidance on the matter.

Building upon his commitment, William unveiled "Homewards" during the recent summer—a five-year initiative targeting the reduction or eradication of homelessness in select regions of the UK. Since then, he has maintained his association with the Big Issue, emphasizing a continued dedication to addressing homelessness issues. Photo by Frankie Fouganthin, Wikimedia commons.