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Sir Keir Starmer has defended his recent acknowledgment of Margaret Thatcher's leadership, stating that the former Prime Minister had instigated "significant change."

The Labour leader's comments were made in an article for the Sunday Telegraph, where he highlighted Thatcher's role in unleashing Britain's "innate entrepreneurialism."

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House, Sir Keir explained that his intention was to emphasize Thatcher's "sense of purpose," clarifying that it didn't necessarily align with his own viewpoints.

Sir Keir also commended previous Labour Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Clement Attlee in the article, aiming to bridge the gap between Labour and Conservative supporters.

In an effort to appeal to Conservative voters, Sir Keir addressed immigration and small boat crossings as "major public concerns."

"Every instance of significant transformation in modern British politics stems from recognizing that politics must serve the people, not dictate to them," Sir Keir wrote.

He further praised past Labour leaders, citing Tony Blair's modernization of the party and Clement Attlee's emphasis on Labour's responsibility and patriotism.

However, his favorable comments about Thatcher might provoke discontent among the left-wing faction of the Labour Party.

Momentum, a group backing former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, criticized Sir Keir's praise for Thatcher, stating that her values contradicted the essence of the labor movement.

In response, Labour MP Ian Byrne, a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, condemned Thatcher's legacy, associating it with inequality and destitution.

Having previously opposed Thatcher in the 1980s, Sir Keir underscored Labour's evolution from the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn in his article for the traditionally conservative Sunday Telegraph.

His remarks aimed to resonate with disenchanted voters, portraying Labour's transformation and drawing parallels with the Conservative Party's recent shift.

Health Secretary Victoria Atkins accused Sir Keir of opportunistically capitalizing on Thatcher's success while criticizing his past alignment with the hard-left.

The Conservative Party, currently lagging in the polls, faces a pivotal period with the next general election expected soon. Photo by Chatham House, Wikimedia commons.