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Last week, Cambridgeshire Police saw a remarkable response to its knife amnesty initiative, receiving over 170 weapons surrendered by the public.

Throughout the amnesty period, designated bins were available at police stations in Peterborough, Cambridge, and at events held in Ely and south Cambridgeshire. Of the total weapons collected, 147 were handed in at Peterborough, encompassing various dangerous items like machetes, knuckledusters, curved swords, and even a pair of nunchucks.

In conjunction with this initiative, the police conducted more than 40 sessions at schools, aiming to educate and inform students about the realities and consequences of knife-related crimes.

Additionally, officers carried out 38 comprehensive "weapon sweeps" across green spaces and public areas, successfully discovering and retrieving 10 concealed items.

The police force also actively engaged with retailers, sharing information and executing test purchases to prevent the illegal sale of knives to individuals under the age of 18.

Expressing the significance of engaging with young people on this critical issue, Insp Karl Secker emphasized the importance of dialogue and education in their ongoing efforts to combat knife crime.

While the previous amnesty in May saw an exceptional turnout with 272 items surrendered, this recent amnesty's yield of 179 weapons still surpassed the average recorded in recent years, signifying a continued commitment from the community to address this pressing concern.

The police and crime commissioner, Darryl Preston, hailed the initiative as "great," underscoring the potential life-saving impact of each weapon surrendered. He emphasized its role within a comprehensive strategy to combat knife-related offenses and serious violence, aligning with the broader Police and Crime Plan.

Cambridgeshire Police remains dedicated to providing guidance and information on their website to tackle the issue of knife crime, fostering a safer environment for all. Photo by Krokodyl, Wikimedia commons.