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Once synonymous with business suits and towering skyscrapers, the City of London is experiencing an unexpected transformation post-Covid as it endeavors to establish itself as the new

epicenter for gastronomic delights.

In a noteworthy move, the renowned luxury restaurant brand, the Wolseley, expanded its reach from the West End to the Square Mile earlier this month, introducing a lavish bar and restaurant. This opulent establishment has become a magnet for businessmen, celebrities, and tourists willing to indulge in high-priced luxury dining outside the conventional city center.

Surrounded by emerging venues such as Wagtail and One Lombard Street, as well as the perennially bustling Leadenhall Market, the arrival of the new Wolseley signals a remarkable shift for the financial district—a transformation deemed implausible merely a year ago.

According to industry trackers CGA and consulting group Alix Partners, the City witnessed a 28% decrease in the number of restaurants between September 2019 and September 2023. However, in the past year, it has emerged as London's top-performing district, experiencing only a marginal decline of 1.3% in its hospitality industry.

As professionals gradually return to their offices post-Covid, the City is once again teeming with activity, attracting not just the lunch crowd but also tourists enticed by its scenic allure and burgeoning culinary scene. This influx bodes well for business owners.

Sue Cloke, director of Cheese at Leadenhall, a revered market spot operating since 2005, notes a palpable increase in the area's vibrancy. She remarks on the heightened 'buzz' surrounding the locale, attributing it to the growing influx of tourists and out-of-towners now drawn to the City due to its expanded offerings.

Kevin Lewis of Wagtail anticipates a ripple effect benefiting all businesses along the Mile. Despite contentment with her loyal clientele and consistent income from corporate events over 23 years, Sue acknowledges the rising competition since Covid, with an increasing number of restaurants cropping up in the vicinity. Photo by Philippe Salgarolo, Wikimedia commons.